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  Wild Life Sri Lanka - (National Parks / Rainforest / Safari)
With habitats that range from rainforest to hilltop plains, the wild places of Sri Lanka are teeming with fascinating flora and fauna. To stand on a mountain, with the trees about you alive with the twinkling lights of a galaxy of fireflies, and gaze on villages thousands of feet below, is to experience the spirit of this island. The visual spectacle is often paralleled by the hauntingly sweet perfumes of the queen of the night or the large, white, pendulous angles trumpets and all around the sliver bell sounds of tree frogs tinkle a mysterious melody. Traveling through the mountain of Sri Lanka is always a rewarding experience. The high country combines with the monsoons to give the island at least four distinct types of forest, each with its own peculiar complement of plants and animals
  Sinharaja (Rainforest) - UNESCO world heritage site
Sinharaja is a lowland tropical rainforest of global importance showing certain affinities with rainforest of south and north-east India, Indonesia and Malaysia. As a result of long isolation in the shelter of the central mountains of Sri Lanka, as well as being separated by ocean from other regional rainforest, Sinharaja displays a high level of endemism in the composition of both its flora and fauna.
  Yala National Park
The largest and most famous of the Sri Lankan national park is Ruhuna, better known as "Yala" in the southeastern corner of the island. This region, known as the "dry zone", is dramatically different frim the lush rice paddies and palm trees of the south coast. In the hours drive fom Tangalla to Hambantota, gateway to the "dry zone", you would be forgiven for thinking you had stumble onto an African plain. Here, the forests are dry thorn scrub, interspersed with small dusty glades-the ideal habitat to view elephants, Sri Lanka's largest mammal.
  Bundala National Park
Bundala National park, just west of ruhuna, is a special bird housing 149 species, including the only resident flamingo population in the south. More accessible than yala, in a four-hour jeep ride, the park is home to a great deal of wildlife, including elephants and crocodiles. a little further south, park possesses a mature mangrove swamp with an extraordinary collections of water birds. The best time to see birds is from November to March. Place of Bird Watching Site.
  Horton plains National Park
No visit to the mountains would be complete without seeing the breathtaking Horton Plains, an hour away from Nuwara Eliya. These plains, formed by millions of years of erosion, lie right on top of Sri Lanka's mountains. here large herds of elk, silhouetted against the clouds of the lowlands, move among scarlet rhododen drones.
  Udawalawa National Park
The uda walawe is another park that surrounds a modern reservoir and is perhaps one of the easiest to get to and probably one of the most heavily populated with elephants. The park near the east coast is another where large herds of up to 100 elephants can be seen feeding on the abundant elephant grass. The elephant is rapidly becoming a symbol of the conflict between conservation and development.


We found Weera via www.srilankadriver.info and picked him based on the great reviews we read. After 6 days of travelling with him (he was both guide and driver), I must say that everything in the review is true! more
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Weera was more than what we expected. The trip he organized exceeded our expectations, and his warm and friendly manner made it effortless from start to finish. more
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Details of the Recommendation: "C.D.A. Weerasinghe is an excellent tourist guide lecturer who I can highly recommend to any visitor/tourist/family visiting Sri Lanka. His knowledge of the country's geography, customs and religions is very detailed . He makes everything very interesting, and importantly,he listens and adapts himself to the needs and interests of the visitors he is guiding. more
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This gentleman is an absolutely outstanding tour guide in Sri Lanka.   He speaks fantastic English, is a true gentleman with amazing knowledge of his country and will always give far and beyond with his desire to please his visitors to give them a wide range of facts.   We twice had a long lasting experience being with him and hope to return soon.  He is a very safe driver and his car is kept in excellent condition.more
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Katharina Nitz, Germany. Email nitz-uliczka@t-online.de After having done nearly eighteen tours (between 1991 and 2011) with Weera I am in the position to safely say: Weera is the epitome of a driver and guide. He drives absolutely carefully, he is friendly, empathetic, polite and 100% reliable.more
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