Author: Wayne  Posted: 

Annmarie and I travelled in Sri Lanka for 16 days during August and September 2015. The trip was both memorable and amazing for all the right reasons. We were picked up at Colombo airport by Weera and driven around Sri Lanka staying at hotels chosen for us by Weera. The hotels were great with good meals and pleasant rooms. Weera has a comfortable car and drove with great care through the chaotic traffic that is Sri Lankan roads. Travel on the roads is quite slow and Weera is able to set a realistic itinerary to allow plenty of time at each point of interest. Weera was always courteous, on time and during the trip always informative and helpful. He provided endless information on many aspects of Sri Lanka demonstrating his deep knowledge and extensive experience as a tour guide. Weera's relaxed manner ensured it did not take long to become friends sharing not only his knowledge but also discussion of family and friends. We recommend Weera to anyone who intends to travel to Sri Lanka knowing that Weera will be both an expert guide and friend during your adventure.

Author: vinayreddy-  Posted: 

My wife and I just returned from an eight day trip in Sri Lanka with Weera as a guide. We could not have asked for a better guide. Positives: - Very polite and considerate. Also provided us with good tips to ensure that we did not fall into tourist traps. - Extremely careful driver. This is an important consideration for Sri Lanka - Extremely diligent with accounts - Excellent knowledge of Sri Lanka - Also provided us with the requisite space for my wife and I to enjoy ourselves on our own - Overall, Weera was an essential aspect of a great trip - we have no hesitation in recommending him. Note that we arranged our own accommodation and not through Weera Negatives: - None that we can think of.

Author: Tatyana and Irina  Posted: 

First of all, I would like to make emphasize the main point that Sri Lanka is the real PARADIZE without any doubts! This Island is truly untouchable earth nature. You can see here wild animals who live in harmony with a human being. It was so awesome to have this trip that we do not regret every moment we spent their. My friend and I visited many important places of the island. Everything what we experienced was wonderful! Thank to our guide Mr. Weera, who thoroughly planed our trip, he took care of everything comfortably, interesting with a lot of varieties that we did not have any problem just enjoyed the trip. We visited the beautiful mountains, amazing ocean beaches, national parks. We even claimed on a mount Sri Pada and mount Sigiriya. Also, we visited a lot of ancient archeologist, historical sites and of course many local beautiful temples. Everywhere we felt true hospitality and kind attention. I have the best memories and unforgettable impressions with this trip. One more time we want to say a huge thank to our guide Mr. Weera who was very patient with us, very responsible and honest gentleman. He never was late and accomplished everything we were planning. We totally trusted him. We would recommend to anyone who likes traveling to visit this amazing Island paradise through Mr. Weera. Believe as you would not regret.
Tatyana and Irina. Russia. Bratsk.

Сразу хочу написать главное: Шри Ланка- райский остров! Это остров нетронутой природы, здесь дикие животные живут в гармонии с человеком. Я в восторге от поездки! Мы побывали везде, где планировали, и то, что увидели, было прекрасно. Наш гид, мистер Виера,позаботился о том, чтобы наша поездка была комфортной, интересной и разнообразной. Мы побывали и в горах, и на берегу океана, увидели пляжи, посетили национальные парки, поднялись на малый Пик Адама и на гору Сигирия, посетили древние раскопки, исторические места и храмы. Всюду нас ожидали уютные гестхаусы, милые, улыбчивые люди и мы всегда чувствовали к себе внимание и доброе отношение. У меня остались самые хорошие воспоминания и незабываемые впечатления о поездке. Спасибо нашему гиду! Мистер Виера- заботливый, ответственный и честный человек, который никогда не подведёт и выполнит все обещания и условия путешествия. Мы полностью доверяли ему. Я желаю всем, кто решил
посетить этот удивительный остров, удачи, прекрасных впечатлений и интересных приключений. Татьяна. Россия. Братск.

Author: Ram Reddy-  Posted: 

We just returned from a 9 day Sri Lanka tour. Weera picked us from airport and arranged all our land tours and accommodation. He was very reliable trustworthy and knowledgeable person you could look for in a new country. He is an experienced and professional guide who knows the his job well. I would give him 10 out of 10 for his service.
Ram Reddy

Author:  Posted: 

Author: Helan 90 Whitby Wilson Road, Quaama NSW 2550, Australia  Posted:  26th August 2015

C.D.A. Weerasinghe - Chauffeur and Guide
We were extremely fortunate having Weera as our guide and chauffeur on our recent week-long tour of Sri Lanka, and will probably remember Weera more than we will remember Sri Lanka. Weera was absolutely wonderful. We did not know a huge amount about Sri Lanka before visiting the island, but advised Weera about the sort of places we wanted to visit (scenery, historical and cultural sites, elephants) and those we did not wish to spend much time visiting (shopping, beaches) and he put together a tour that exactly suited our needs – and then showed us around as if we were part of his family. We learned whilst in Sri Lanka that one German family has returned to Sri Lanka 21 times and engaged Weera on each occasion…and when they couldn’t visit one year, they shouted him a tour to Germany and Europe so he could stay with them! That is probably the ultimate tribute to his professionalism and his engaging personality. Weera is extremely knowledgeable and is happy to share that knowledge – and on the one occasion when we asked a very trivial and obscure question that he didn’t know the answer to, he immediately rang a friend and soon provided the answer. Throughout the whole trip we had the feeling that Weera was reliable, completely trustworthy and (in a country full of maniac drivers) an exceptionally good driver. He also was totally client-focussed – suggesting things he felt we could do or shouldn’t attempt because they might be beyond our capabilities (we’re in our 60’s, so not spring chickens!), diverting to ATM machines when we felt we needed to top up our spending money (he actually acquired the title of ‘our banker’ during the trip, advising on the intricacies of having to pay for some things in US Dollars and others in Sri Lankan Rupees – when, of course, we normally think of everything in Australian Dollars!) – all the time giving us just the right amount of ‘space’ to explore things on our own or to enjoy a meal by ourselves. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and we are now convinced the only way to see it is to have a personal chauffeur/guide (that applies equally to those on a short ocean cruise stop-over, or those visiting for a week or two; and for most international travellers the cost of having a personal chauffeur/guide is very affordable) – and that chauffeur/guide must be Weera!! We, naturally, would be delighted to provide further assistance or references to travellers considering asking Weera to show them Sri Lanka –
Helan and Peter Lecey.

Author:Simon  Posted:  2015 Janu.27th

Here is the wording for your website that we would like to recommend you: “ In January 2015 our family (5) spent 2 weeks touring Sri Lanka with Weera as our guide. Weera was fantastic having a deep knowledge of the ancient sites as well as the many other places of interest along the way. He is friendly and provides time and space for time out and exploring on one’s own. We highly recommend Weera for his friendly, professional and flexible manner. Simon Hamilton & Family.”
Warm regards
Simon  Posted: 2015

My wife and I just returned from an eight day trip in Sri Lanka with Weera as a guide. We could not have asked for a better guide. Positives: - Very polite and considerate. Also provided us with good tips to ensure that we did not fall into tourist traps. - Extremely careful driver. This is an important consideration for Sri Lanka - Extremely diligent with accounts - Excellent knowledge of Sri Lanka - Also provided us with the requisite space for my wife and I to enjoy ourselves on our own - Overall, Weera was an essential aspect of a great trip - we have no hesitation in recommending him. Note that we arranged our own accommodation and not through Weera Negatives: - None that we can think of.

Author:  Posted: October, 2014

трана, в которую хочется вернуться. В октябре 2014 года мы с мужем побывали в удивительной стране Шри-Ланке. За 8 дней мы посетили столько интересных и необычных мест, получили много приятных впечатлений, что даже не знаю, как сказать спасибо Weera, без помощи которого мы бы не обошлись. Он отлично знает страну, хороший водитель, поездка с ним безопасна и интересна, вежливый и пунктуальный, общение с ним доставляло нам удовольствие, узнали много интересного о стране и ее истории, обычаях и нравах местного населения. Почему же стоит обратиться Weera? Самое главное это экономия Ваших сил и времени перед поездкой. Он знает туристические маршруты и может предложить вам лучший вариант путешествия согласно времени Вашего пребывания и требованиям, и Вам не нужно будет досконально все изучать и планировать предварительно. А так же Weera помог забронировать нам в городах достойные гестхаузы, с прекрасными видами из номера. Он знает хорошие рестораны, где вы гарантированно получите удовольствие от еды, предложит дополнительно посетить достопримечательности, которые не отмечены в стандартных туристических маршрутах, поможет совершить текущие покупки, купить сувениры. Мы искренне рекомендуем, Вам обраться к Weera, так как уверенны, что отдых, который он Вам организует запомниться надолго. Если Вам необходимо уточнить какие-нибудь детали, пишите и мы с удовольствием ответим на все Ваши вопросы.

Author: Zeev Ben-Shachar  Posted: March, 2013

The trip to Sri Lanka on March, 2013, was one of the best overseas trips I have ever taken and I want to thank you for making it such a meaningful and memorable experience. I appreciated your kindness, your vast knowledge on Sri Lankan history and current affairs, and your impeccable handling of logistics and time. I also want to thank you for showing the three of us places and people that are beyond the usual tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. You were always flexible and accommodating regarding changes that came up during the trip, even when they were last-minute. I appreciated your witty sense of humor and most of all your willingness to open up and share your life story with us. I will surely recommend you to any of my acquaintances that visit Sri Lanka in the future.
I wish you all the best and promise to stay in touch. Your friend,
Zeev Ben-Shachar

Author: Lesley Lamont Fro Australia  

If you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka with a private guide, then Weera is a person you should seriously. He has extensive knowledge of his country and its history, he is a very competent driver, his car is clean, comfortable and maintained in good condition, he is fit and healthy and a man of moderate habits. So you are always in very safe hands!
After planning our trip via email with his guidance, we spent two wonderful weeks traversing Sri Lanka in September 2013. The places we visited were all suited to our interests and tastes. Weera was good company (and you need that when you are in close confines for an extended period), flexible when changes became necessary, helpful when we needed help and/or guidance and kept our daily routines easily manageable. Each day was planned to include enough to keep us interested, but managed at a pace which we appreciated in the hot humid weather. 
In retrospect, the only thing we would change would be our instructions regarding the accommodation which Weera organized on our behalf. Most of the guest houses we stayed in exceeded our expectations (especially considering the cost of the trip), but two were not up to scratch. Had our guidelines been more specific, we feel sure that Weera would have been better able to book accommodation that we were happy with.
Overall we had a wonderful trip and would recommend Weera very highly.

We had a wonderful time in India and really would have liked another week there - next time!
The bush fires were terrible indeed. Fortunately for us, they were in the Eastern States and we were not affected. 
All the best.
Lesley and Graeme 

Author:Chandeni Behari- from Holland Posted: October 2013

We (my parents and their 24 year old daughter) went for 3 weeks in October 2013 for the first time to Sri Lanka. We were blessed to have Weera as our guide. As we speak for all of us we never had a better guide trough all our holidays. (Thailand, India, Turkey, Spain, Aruba, Surinam, Dubai and more)
We never imagined that this holiday would turn out this great and so unforgettable, this all thanks to Weera. He is very funny (we made many jokes), has a good sense of humor (we bullied each other allot), is always happy, very patience, gave us all the space/time we needed, has a amazing knowledge, is very protective, very open for new things but most of all we felt like family. Breakfast, dinner, drinks, short eats, singing in the car, shopping, swimming, climbing etc.. 
We did it all together!!
As for our blame we contacted Weera a little bit too late for our trip. After all he scheduled us right away in his agenda and joined us for more than 2 weeks. As I planned to dive (in Trincomalee, Nilaveli) with sharks and turtles Weera was so flexible and changed our tour without any trouble while the diving experience became one of our best experiences in life. Also one luggage was damaged on arrival, he repaired it in his own time and paid the bill in advance. A person like Weera is one of a kind. He looked after us like we were his own family, tells you where not to eat and what not to do. Without asking Weera shared unpredictable knowledge about the history of Sri lanka, showed us cultural habits and explained allot about the Buddhism. As we share much in common because we are Hindus we could compare and share in proud our both religions.
Weera and his sweet family were so hospitable and gave us a warm welcome in their home with good cooking of his wife.
This wasn't a goodbye, because I know we will meet again!

Thank you again Weera for your presence and guiding during our 3 weeks of holiday in your beautiful country Sri Lanka. 

Lots of love from Widjai, Rita and (daughter) Chandeni

Author: Gavinspire Dec 23, 2012  Posted: Dec 23, 2012

Weera was more than what we expected. The trip he organized exceeded our expectations, and his warm and friendly manner made it effortless from start to finish. Organizing the tour via email was easy, and our various needs (we travelled we 3 kids), were easily accommodated. When he met us with a "Luxury Van", it really was a "Luxury Van" and the journeys passed easily (with the help of plenty of snacks and the DVD player for the kids!). 
The accommodation Weera arranged was clean, and always had the most stunning views, and I am sure i would never have been able to do this myself. It was also so great to have such a knowledgeable person with us at every moment to answer my questions about the cultural, religious and political.
Weera was also very sensitive to us as a family; he gave us space, and make our trip an absolute pleasure.

I whole heartedly recommend Weera as a guide, if you have a chance to use him, take it.

Author: Carolyn and Ste.. Posted: Sep 24, 2012

Saying goodbye to Weera after completing our 8 day tour with him was very difficult. He is one of the nicest people you could wish to meet. The previous reviews all stand up to what is said. Indeed he is a true gentleman and we felt very  blessed to have spent possibly the best 8 days of our lives with him. Not only were the places which Weera took us to spectacular his knowledge along with his English is first class. This is not just knowledge of the places we visited but every question we had Weera could answer from how to cook a certain dish to general interest in Sri Lanka's economy. He has a great demeanor and a fantastic sense of humour, he is always happy and is a very calming person to be around nothing is too much trouble for him. Our trip with Weera was part of our honeymoon in Sri Lanka for 28 days. He has made part of our honeymoon a time we will always look back on with much happiness.

Author: Guy Kedem Sep 04, 2012  Posted: Sep 04, 2012

Dear Weera,
I hope this email finds you well.
Our flight to Hong Kong went fine, and we've returned safely home after spending three days there.
We wish to thank you again for the great trip in Sri Lanka.
Your remarkable knowledge about your exciting country, your expertise, patience and kindness have all been major factors in our successful and most enjoyable vacation to Sri Lanka.
We will highly and warmly recommend you as a guide to anyone interested in visiting beautiful Sri Lanka.
We are attaching our picture with you taken during the River Safari.
Hope we'll have the chance to meet again in the future.

dr neri 

Details of the Recommendation: "C.D.A. Weerasinghe is an excellent tourist guide lecturer who I can highly recommend to any visitor/tourist/family visiting Sri Lanka. His knowledge of the country's geography, customs and religions is very detailed . He makes everything very interesting, and importantly,he listens and adapts himself to the needs and interests of the visitors he is guiding.
C.D.A Weerasinghe is calm, kind, patient, always on time, advised us on safety and appropriate conduct when visiting religious shrines etc.
He chauffered us, navigating safely on (at times) rather formidable roads which we would have unable to drive along ourselves. He provides an excellent service at a reasonable cost. We recommend him to all our friends and, should we visit Sri Lanka in the future, we would not hesitate to request his services again."
Service Category: chauffeur tourist guide lecturer
Year first hired: 2010
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Author: Ray and Hazel Merrin. Jan 30, 2012  Posted: Jan 30, 2012

This gentleman is an absolutely outstanding tour guide in Sri Lanka.   He speaks fantastic English, is a true gentleman with amazing knowledge of his country and will always give far and beyond with his desire to please his visitors to give them a wide range of facts.   We twice had a long lasting experience being with him and hope to return soon.  He is a very safe driver and his car is kept in excellent condition.   
You will have the most incredible experience if you should use Weerasinghe as your tour guide in Sir Lanka.
Our very, very best wishes.

Ray and Hazel Merrin.

Author: Katharina Nitz   Posted Jan 30, 2012

Katharina Nitz, Germany. Email After having done nearly eighteen tours (between 1991 and 2011) with Weera I am in the position to safely say: Weera is the epitome of a driver and guide. He drives absolutely carefully, he is friendly, empathetic, polite and 100% reliable. He has got a thorough knowledge of his country, its history, architecture, buddhism, culture and landscape. Over the years I have taken many of my friends to Sri Lanka, and like me they all became friends with Weera – a driving guide who knows to convey Sri Lankan life to his clients.

In meiner Muttersprache will ich gern auch noch einmal kundtun: Im Lauf von 22 Jahren bin ich an die achtzehnmal in Sri Lanka gewesen, hatte auf meiner dritten Rundreise erstmals Weera als Fahrer und Führer und habe seitdem nie mehr einen anderen engagiert. Viele Freundinnen und Freunde, die sich in all den Jahren meinen Reisen angeschlossen haben, waren und sind von Weera ebenso angetan wie ich, weil er ein ausgezeichneter Fahrer ist, als examinierter Führer über reiche Kenntnisse von seinem Land, der Kultur, Geschichte, Natur, Landschaft, Architektur und dem Buddhismus verfügt und absolut zuverlässig, höflich und anpassungsfähig ist. Mit ihm lernt man Sri Lanka wirklich kennen.

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