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Anuradhapura was a greatest monastic city of the ancient world. At its height it was home to thousand of monks at dozens of monasteries, served by a large lay population. It was the royal capital of a succession of 113 kings who oversaw a flowering of the arts that produces magnificent palaces, intricate and exquisite sculptress, ornate pleasure gardens and of course the huge "dagobas", the domed building that protected the most sacred relics of Buddhism.
Polonnaruwa was the medieval capital of Sri Lanka. In its prime, the city was protected by 6km of strong encircling walls. Strategically, it commanded all the crossings over the Mahaweli river, guarding the increasingly powerful Southern province, Ruhunu in AD 993 the cholas looted and burnt Anuradhapura and used Polonnaruwa as their military base for 77 years, resulting in an interesting blend of south Indian Hindu culture and Sinhalese Buddhist art and architecture.
The summit of this almost inaccessible rock was the unlikely setting for a courtly paradise of elegant pavilions, amid gardens and pools, all perched 180 meters above the surrounding jungles. The rock was transformed into an immense recumbent lion by the addition of a brick-built head and foreparts of which only the artfully sculptured paws remain. The impact of the lion rock, as it is called, must have been awesome, since even its remnants beggar belief.
The gate way to the northwest, and the first of its great sights, where one of Sri Lanka's finest cave temple stands - 150m outside the modern village, and 72km north of kandy on the outskirts of the dry zone. Within five large caverns-the largest some 50m deep and 6m in height, are sitting, standing and reclining Buddha images by the dozen, as well as Hindu gods' and each cave is decorated with mural painting of scenes from the Buddha's life.
he number of visitors to the city reaches a spectacular peak in July and August. A courtyard on the south side o the Temple of the Tooth becomes the hub of ornate and frenzied activity during the two-week Perahera. Many dozens of caparisoned elephant, dancers, drummers and other performance come together to parade the sacred tooth relic through the streets. The rituals and ceremony associated with Perahera have persisted for many centuries and have changed remarkably little over this time.


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