On a world scale, Sri Lanka is a small country. You have wide open spaces to enjoy and share with travel experience. In fact a third of our land mass is protected in parks, national parks, heritage places, beaches, adventure activities and many more travel destinations; to choose with friendly guide with Weera Tours. Weera Tours, founder of Mr C.D.A Weerasinghe. Weera is Professional Chauffeur Tourist Guide Lecture. Experience in tourism industry since year of 1982.

Weera Tours Services Upon your arrival from Air Port, and within continuing tour, Weera gives you industry fulfill successful friendly service to you. Weera is a great way to travel around on your Sri Lanka vacation. We offer a great range of transport passes that offer flexibility and value for money. Below - some of our main service's.

Tour planning and tour handling Customer request tour planning
Ticketing reservation Hotel accommodation
Group transport Individual transport
Professional tour guider helps    

We found Weera via www.srilankadriver.info and picked him based on the great reviews we read. After 6 days of travelling with him (he was both guide and driver), I must say that everything in the review is true! more
Author: Kiateo



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